Strategic objectives

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© Fraunhofer IVV

Strategic objectives

Strategic objective 1:
To develop a pragmatic, science based concept to ensure consumer safety related to adhesives used in food contact materials.
To provide and train this concept to European adhesive manufacturing and converting industries for implementation into their in-house food contact material compliance control systems.

Strategic objective 2:

To support and strengthen SME competitiveness in the adhesives sector and the added value chain by:
ensuring product safety through self-evaluation of product compliance
generating a basis for a legislative approach which does not limit innovation
generating a basis to save existing and open new markets

Strategic objective 3:
To establish European consensus and recognition of the concept by drafting and providing:
General support of specific European legislation for adhesives.
Specific solutions to comply with requirements of existing and foreseeable EU legislation on food contact materials.
Standard test procedures for implementation into European Standards

Strategic objective 4:
To train industry using the tools of the developed concept.
To rationalise and disseminate the project outcome as rules and guidelines to the whole food packaging chain.
To reinforce confidence of consumers into food contact materials.

To achieve these objectives the project consists of four fundamental project compartments:

I. Classification of adhesives systems, definition and preparation of representative test materials and systems.

II. Comprehensive experimental and theoretical RTD work to establish the required physico-chemical data sets as well as the theoretical basis for the test concept and experimental & predictive tools.

III. Training & education work towards SME partners in particular and IAGs and their SME members in general as well as broader dissemination activities.

IV. Interactive evaluation and implementation work to establish European consensus and acceptance of the project outcome. In particular by interaction between relevant project partners, EU and national risk assessment agencies, EU and national legislators, exposure experts, consumer representatives and CEN standardisation body.

Additionally to the physico-chemical tests and modelling, a feasibility study in applying toxicological tests as developed in the BIOSAFEPAPER EU-Project (QLK1-CT-2001-930) to glued paper&board and cork shall be performed as an additional approach.



Project co-ordination
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Dr. Angela Stoermer

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